Your method for discovering great music.

I'm in a slump. It has been a while since I've discovered new music that I really like. And when I say "new" I mean new to me. Maybe even rediscovered would count as new.

I do not have a method. I usually stumble into new music that I like. I also don't have loads of hours to sort through tons of stuff I don't like. Plus I find that random sort of pursuit to be frustrating and unrewarding most of the time.

Amazon Music had half decent 'recommended for you' lists but I don't recall if that ever paid off. I use Qobuz now which sucks in that particular department.

I've found a few bands that I like from recommendations here at Audiogon but I have not been here much lately.

So I'm curious as to how some of you approach that search for great music that is either actually new, new to you or rediscovered.


Ad one more link just for fun:

WCLK The Jazz of The City - Clark Atlanta University

Please, share your links with us here as Audiogon now has a way to make it easy to share your internet station links. Just press the ’link’ above, click ok, the URL will auto populate and then type in the text you want your link to be! That's it!  Why didn’t I think of this before? Thanks OP n80 for this thread!

If anyone is into indie rock, Americana, and country, I always check out the weekly recommendations and reviews in The Nashville Scene (your local weekly alternative would work, of course), and I subscribe to weekly newsletters from Grimey's New & Preloved Records, Third Man Records, Saving Country Music, the Americana Music Association, and New Releases Now.  Local Nashville musician Aaron Lee Tasjan has great recommendations in his Twitter feed as well.  I find that having descriptions and recommendations from people who spend their professional lives in music, or who promote in the genres I like, have good ideas.

@dancub Can you explain what you mean by:

Now it's"   Radio Paradise => Qobuz => "Go to Artist" => "Similar Artists" and you're off on an adventure.   

Sorry to be so dense. Does this mean you start in Qobuz?


I will check out those links. Thanks. We need something similar here. I know there are "new for 2021 etc" threads. And there are "what are you listening to threads" but I do not recall a long running "little known artist thread." There needs to be one here.

I will start one if it isn't redundant or stepping on someone else's toes.


Sure. It's a shorthand I use to describe movement somewhere on the web. This is based on using the free Bluesound app BlueOS, which I forgot to mention (sorry!). I'm betting there's Tidal or Spotify or Amazon have similar functionality.

1) It means I listen to Radio Paradise and hear a song I like.
2) I go to that song on Qobuz (one click if you have the Bluesound app)
3) I then go to the artist's page on Qobuz via their "Go to Artist" function (again, one click.)
4) Once at the artist's page, Qobuz automatically suggests other artists (one click on their "Similar Artists" feature)

So now you have a bunch of similar artists to explore in three clicks. 

Does that make more sense?