Your music system is an instrument.

Your music system is a musical instrument. How would you treat a musical instrument? You would try to make it sound as good as possible, wouldn't you? I suggest one of the ways has to do with volume. Can we suggest other ways?
that would make you the musician and oddly enough the musicians on the album, the consumers......are you high?
a stereo system is a collection of imperfect components.

it is nothing like an instrument. Sonicare is a butt plug.

Slap that puppy on a wooden base and you've got yourself a vibrating Perch™! I think we'll have ourselves a new and imroved version! I'll need to do some R&D, but I like the way you think, Howard. We'll talk about your royalties once the product is released. Any ideas for a new name? How about "Anal-B"?!