Your not a serious audiophile I'd you have??????

Let's start a coversation kinda tongue in cheek about this question. Also lets comment on the other way around . Your not a serious audiophile if you don't have ????? I will post my thoughts after several others have posted. Mike
The only comment your wife ever makes about your AV system is: "TURN IT DOWN>>>>IT"S TOO LOUD!!!
Every speaker has it's own amp and my wife was yelling TURN IT DOWN IT'S TO LOUD before all separate amps to each speaker
It's the other way around - by playing loud the speakers are telling the wife to shut up.
After you spent a huge amount of money to upgrade your system, you hurried back from work, skipping dinner, turned on your system, put on your. favorite music, and then, lets see... whats new on audiogon today? :)