Your Opinions on the B&K AVR 307

I recent picked up one of these for 300 usd based on reviews off the web that this is a great receiver. I hooked it up to my ADS 1090's, went through the proper set up procedures as a 2 channel stereo system. Honestly I am not all that impressed. Granted, I need to upgrade my cables and connectors. But I felt my little ADS l570's with my old weak Sony 40 wpc sounded better. I find the EQ very simple and not very tweakable. The sound is a bit, muffled, highs are weak. At times it sounds decent, but not that...WOW factor I thought I would get. These speakers sound a lot better on my 2270 Marantz! Maybe it's the old speakers with newer receiver? Hard to say. I'm going to hook up the L570's and go through the set up process again and play with it and see. Granted I know a cable upgrade will help, and I need to check the power chord as well and maybe order a higher end chord.

Any suggestions? Can anyone chime in that has owned this unit and have had great success, any tweaks and settings I should consider?

Thanks in advance!!!!
Maybe your 307 is malfunctioning? I have the 507 which I purchased new 8 years ago. My 507 replaced Sony's flagship ES receiver at the time (777ES), and there was no comparison between the two. The B&K was much more dynamic.

Some speakers match with some amps better than others do. Perhaps the speakers you currently own just don't match well with B&K.