Your short speaker cable experiences

I'm going to compare my present speaker cables with the shortest runs I can find -- perhaps as short as 2.5 feet from mono block to speaker.

I'm curious if anyone tried comparing their longer speaker cables against short runs of other ones and whether it made a difference or not. 

What changed? Did it cause you to reposition things?

Happy to hear stories. No trolling about "wire is wire," please. 



I heard no audible differences between my 1.5M and 3M speaker cables. Both cables are built by same manufacturer. 

With each amp behind each speaker, 16" speaker cables (no connector on speaker side), was zero difference to a pair of 20' cable (with connectors on speaker side).

My dealer has told me one of the big changers you can make to benefit your system is to put your mono blocks right next to your speakers and run a really short speaker cable… it tremendously improves the speed and accuracy of the speakers. I know this guy really well and have for 20 years. He installs really high end systems all the time. I take what he says as gospel. But you have to do the shortest possible… think a foot or foot and a half.


I have monoblocks right now… unfortunately they are on loan and I don’t have any really short speaker cables. Or I would try it.