Your sub experience: Easy or hard?

For those of us with subwoofers, I'm curious whether you thought integrating it was easy or difficult.  That's it.

Of course, lots of DBA people will chime in. No problem but please ask that everyone stay on topic.  If you want to discuss all the pro's and cons of DBA take it to a brand new thread.  Thank you.

The focus here is just to ask how many people had easy or difficult times and what you thought was the difference.


I have a single REL T5i accompanying a pair of Janszen P8's.

Integration was pretty easy.

The T5i (8" down-firing) is about the smallest sub I could use and still make a difference. With room-coupling, it's enough to level out the frequency response from about 10hz to 35hz.  I used REW (frequency response analyzer) to help find a good location.  

I tried a much larger , more expensive REL sub but returned it.  I found it a little overwhelming.  It did not seem to make the system sound better overall and was too heavy to move around easily by myself.  Still, I'd like to try one of the smaller Rhythmik subs, just to see if something larger could pressurize the room better without adding distortion.

I am surprised that the MJ Acoustics subs aren't more popular. Once you decide on placement, everything else (gain, x-over, phase etc) are all adjustable by a small remote. Made it very easy to integrate into my system all by myself. 

Hi All,

My experience with a Magico A1 Sub has been a 2 year nightmare! Software, downloads, microphone etc… I have had better luck with my $650 Klipsch sub from my AV system. 2 years, hours of my time and thousands of dollars later, it has become a dust collector at best. Can anyone out there help? Thanks!

I put the subs between my speakers pointing them toward the wall.  Sat there for 20 yrs.  Then I  retired and started revisiting  my music setup.  Bought some bass traps and put springs under subs.  Before this the bass was boomier with standing waves.  Now the bass is rich, deep and much more satisfying.   I use a electronic crossover set at 100 Hz.  Adjusting the main speaker and sub levels is easy.  The bass sounds the same throughout the room.