Your thoughts on my quest for new speakers

I know this has been asked many times on this forum, but I would really like some input on my quest for new speakers.  I am currently running a Hegel 160 with Linn Majik 140 floor standing speakers and a Rythmik sub to fill out the bottom end.  I use the Hegel's built-in Airplay to stream Tidal (Hi-Fi only) to the Hegel.  I tried the Bluesound Node recently and found it actually decreased the sound quality, so I removed it from the system.  It seems the consensus is that Tidal Hi-Fi Plus is not worth the extra $10/month.  I listen to all types of music - with a focus on well produced recordings.

My listening room is a 30' x 13' rectangle with 9' ceilings and pretty good acoustics (I think).  The speakers are on a 13' wall.

Overall I am happy with my system and get a lot of pleasure out of listening to it.  But like many of us, I get the itch every now and then and wonder if I could improve the sound in some way. I think the Hegel is a solid contributor to good sound, so I plan to keep that and replace the speakers (although the Hegel 390 certainly is tempting).

Regarding price, I am willing to pay for good sound, but I subscribe to the theory of diminishing marginal improvement, i.e. $20k speakers are not twice as good as $10k speakers.  My sense is they are maybe 10% better (if that).  But let's not make this discussion about that.  My sense is $10k should get me speakers that are a solid upgrade from the Linns, but that is just a guess.

I am fortunate to leave near John Rutan's shop (Audio Connection) in NJ and spent a few hours with him last week.  He (as many of you know) is high on Vandersteens.  We listened to the Quattros for a while and they are great, but probably more than I want to spend and they would require I replace the Hegel as well.  We also listened to the Magnepan 3.7s and I was very intrigued with them - they really envelope you in the sound.  I am going back to listen to the Vandersteen Treos next week.

I listened to the 8 series B&Ws yesterday and really liked the 805s and 804s (I like the 801-803 as well, but too expensive).   They are also aesthetically pleasing, but that is not as important as the sound (of course).  I also listened to the Majico A3s, but I didn't find the $ worth it for the sound.

I also will listen to QLN, Boenicke, Focal and Harbeth at Park Avenue Audio next week.  The Boenickes really intrigue me.  The Buchardt S400 MKIIs also interest me, but wonder whether they are enough for my large room (even with the sub)?  I like that I can listen to them in my home for a period to be sure I like them.  They would be a nice low cost option.

So I would love to hear your thoughts on a good choice for me.  As I said, I think $10k is enough, but if there are some $15k speakers that would be a quantum leap forward, I would consider them.  I am open to used as well.

Thanks for taking the time to offer your thoughts.





I'm with Carlsbad on the Tekton's, The Double impact monitors with an RSL sub are outstanding, the full sized Double Impacts would be a great fit for your room if you really want to rock the Casbah. Tekton's may attract some haters on this forum but they have an almost cult following and lot's of youtube reviews support my recommendation. They are true giant killers

@jcs01 Unless you like to listen to heavy metal or classic rock at high listening levels, you owe to yourself to purchase Maggie's as they sound different than box speakers.  A few years back I purchased a pair of 20.7's after auditioning the 3.7i and 20.7. I thought that I might not need a sub with the 20.7's but ultimately gave in and purchased a sub. If I had to do it over I'd save some $$ and get the 3.7i's coupled with a single REL sub to see if was enough bass for my room and add another REL sub if needed. Your Rhtymik sub is a great match with Maggie's.

The best features of Maggie's is they sound the same from the bottom to the top of the panel and for music with well recorded vocals, piano and acoustic guitar, Maggie's are hard to beat.  Even if they're not your forever speaker, they're easy to sell on the pre-owned market.

Forget about Tidal HiFi and get Qobuz.  Ditch the Bluesound Node - it's a low-fi component. 

I have the same Linn Malik 140’s and a rhthmik 15” sub with also the majik center channel and katan surrounds.  If you take your system aktiv (I have linn amps with aktiv cards) and add room correction ( I use dirac) you won’t need new speakers!  I have found room correction is the most important element and active the second.  If you want to simplify look at active speakers that incorporate room correction like kii.

I am surprised that you spent few hours with John and he did not introduce you to Proac. Many years ago I compared the ProAc D38 with the B&W 804 D2 ( or may be it was D3) and chose the D38. B&W sounded dry and thin and analytical to me. I am not sure how the D4 sound but At least you should listen to the D30RS and the D48R and let your ears decide