Your top movie or tv show soundtracks (emotional)?

I love listening to non-vocal movie soundtracks. I might sound emo but the good ones have this ability to evoke intense emotion or bring you back into the moment in the film in a way that really grips you. What are some of your favorites? Note, not all of these are "audiophile" quality in the sense that they won't test your system the way demanding tracks will but nonetheless, you get what I mean. These are some of mine: 

  • Ladder 49 - Dennis' Funeral
  • Love Actually - Portugese Love Theme
  • Arrival - On the Nature by Daylight (Max Richter)
  • Inception - Time
  • Interstellar - No Time for Caution
  • Interstellar - Mountains
  • Batman Begins - Eptesicus
  • Batman Begins - Barbastella
I made a playlist of the songs from Netflix's The Queens's Gambit - awesome 60's pop for the most part. Mostly just a fun listen as the recordings are inconsistent. Peggy Lee, Georgie Fame excellent - Monkees not so much. 
Peter Gabriel’s "Biko" in the Miami Vice episode "Evan" which is no longer available for rent. Perfect music. Perfectly executed scene. The link below is over dubbed in Spanish but is the only one I could find with decent SQ. Start at the 2:00 mark to skip a lot of the dubbing. At the end where Tubbs comes up and puts his hand on Sonny's shoulder is one of the best shot TV scenes ever. I almost teared up even with the awful Spanish over dub.

The Isley Brother’s "This Old Heart of Mine" in the Moonlighting episode where Dana Delaney’s character betrays Dave (Bruce Willis). She is pure evil in that scene and plays Dave like a fiddle.

Not sure why these two popped into my head among a million others but they’ve been in my head since the late 80’s so there must be something to them.

Soundtracks from Brideshead Revisited (the movie, not the PBS series); Never Let me Go (movie); and Calvary (movie). All heartrendingly gorgeous. Neal