Your vote: Most Useless Audio Adjective

From what I've seen in online audio discussion forums such as Audiogon, words like warm, taut, wooly, and forward can upset even died in the wool audiophiles. While some may have a hard time getting their arms around them, most of the terms seem quite appropriate to me. You have to develop some list of terms in order to convey a description of a component's sonics, or to delineate it from another component.

However, I have noticed the description "self effacing" creeping into more and more reviews, and it flat out boggles my mind. Initially, it seemed to fit into the context it was being used - affordable or downright cheap gear, that was fun and lively. However, now that I've read the term being used to describe quite a serious piece of high end kit, the time has come to point out how ridiculous things are getting.

I had to laugh out loud thinking of the snootiest, most condescending audio dealer I know who was carrying this brand. Using the term "self effacing" with anything had to do with this guy was akin to describing Phyllis Diller a young, hot sex symbol.

What is your most useless audio adjective???
"Reference" as in "reference system"
I happen to use my system as my reference for what sounds good. That makes your reference wrong. ;) This is why I write uncannily accurate reviews like the one I just posted on the world-class cheapo speaker, the Insignia 6.5" Two Way. My new under $50 Reference speaker!
Jaw Dropping. Is that good or bad? One certain integrated amp seems to have all its proponents with dropped jaws. Is that like being a knuckle dragger or mouth breather?

Lifting veils, blown away, minty, PRaT, power chord - all wonderful exapmles of the nonsense seen so often.
This wonderful piece would be MINT/PERFECT.... EXCEPT for three scratches on the top, which can't be seen from X feet away, one ding....on EACH side, and a very small GOUGE in the faceplate. And....oh yeah, the dog chewed off the powercord and ......yadda, yadda....but EXCEPT for those FEW things, it's in absolutely PERFECT condition.