Your Worst WAF Incident

OK Gents, fess up –

What has been your worst transgression of the mysterious WAF code? I'll begin, throwing myself on the mercy of the court:

Three days ago was the Thanksgiving Holiday. My wife prepared a beautiful, traditional meal including fresh roasted turkey, stuffing, gravy, etc. It took hours and we could have fed an army. After the meal, the fridge was packed with delicious leftovers which we enjoy for days afterwards. It's our favorite holiday and we really stretch it out nicely.

On holidays, I like to listen to my music and of course, this entails temporarily converting the living room into a Man-cave and doing whatever I can for the best sound – you know, moving the speakers away from the wall, moving the comfy chair into the sweetspot, using pillows to diffuse and dampen reflections, etc.

So, about 24 hours after the feast, I went to the fridge to get the ingredients for my famous turkey sandwich... but something didn't smell good in there. That's right, can you say "Man-cave dismantling checklist?"

Someone forgot to turn the noisy fridge back on. My wife worked for hours preparing the meal and organizing the leftovers, and Mr. Audiophile here ruins days worth of great food and effort with the flip of a switch... or should I say, lack thereof.

I watched uncomfortably as she emptied the contents of a warm fridge into the trash. Ouch.

OK, is your violation of the WAF code as bad? Please share your worst transgression – don't leave me alone out here!
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Our fridge wasn't the worst offender. It was my wife's "toys".

The battery powered units were no longer providing the "excitation" required by the other half. So, we opted for the 120v. AC model.

The cord already had ferrite installed but was still introducing noise back onto the line.

I eventually purchased an AC re-generator for the wife.

I still hear noises, but it has nothing to do with the AC power.

Buscis2, I wonder how your wife's noises get into your signal path... maybe she needs to be grounded?
Buscis2, as long as she still has some bloom and not too much attack, I think her focus on the sweet spot is a good thing... unless you're not being invited to spend time there yourself and have to stay off-axis.
Actually, we have managed to maximize the sweet spot by totally mastering our treatments.

Ya know... Diffusion, Absorption and then... Reflection.

Although, her attack will still make your eyes twitch...