Youtube audiophile hi res sounds MUCH better than my Eversolo streamer

I've discovered several Youtube vids that only play HiRes music and it sounds really good!  I found a few songs I like so I added them my Tidal and listed through my Eversolo A6 Master and A8 on my 2ch setup and it doesn't sound near as good.  It's dead and lifeless sounding.  Does youtube put some kinda mojo into the mix? It almost sounds EQ'd or something. 


Is it the same exact recording?  Different versions of the same song can sound very different depending on transfer, resolution, etc.

Well yes, I guess. I just played the album version. But I've never heard such a vast difference.  It's like every recording on Youtube is extremely high res or something.  Go search Audiophile audio system test or something like that. You'll find several 2+ hour long "videos"... All of them sound amazing compared to most all streaming I've done..  Youtube just sounds extra clean, crispy, and dynamic especially with percussion. I kills me to use this term but the streaming sounds very vailed.. This is NOT a small difference.  Again, I'm just wondering if youtube "HDRs" it's music or something.  

More info - my system:

Kef Reference 5 / Anthem STR pre / Parasound JC5 amp / Lumin T2 / Eversolo A6 master and A8.


How are you getting YT through your stereo?  It must be going through a DAC somewhere?

Is that thru airplay? Or Bluetooth? 
It’s possible it’s EQ’d when uploaded to youtube.