Youtube audiophile hi res sounds MUCH better than my Eversolo streamer

I've discovered several Youtube vids that only play HiRes music and it sounds really good!  I found a few songs I like so I added them my Tidal and listed through my Eversolo A6 Master and A8 on my 2ch setup and it doesn't sound near as good.  It's dead and lifeless sounding.  Does youtube put some kinda mojo into the mix? It almost sounds EQ'd or something. 


Is that thru airplay? Or Bluetooth? 
It’s possible it’s EQ’d when uploaded to youtube. 

No it's from my Sony tv's Youtube app.  I have it going through an Anthem AVM70 via HDMI ARC into the Parasound JC5 amp and to speakers.  I use HT bypass so my 2ch is similar except it uses the Anthem STR preamp..


So, from my tv youtube app, when I play these "audiophile hi res" recordings/videos, they sound significantly better and more "alive".. I'm not talking about a minor difference.


It has to be something other than simple bitrate. If you're a photographer, the difference is like taking a raw straight out of camera image and applying HDR to it but in a good controlled way.


I found this as I was demo'ing my speakers and didn't have 2ch set up.. i had to find something fast on Youtube and found all these audiophile recordings with really cool imagery.. Sounded great.. so I played similar tracks through Tidal on my 2ch set up and sounded just whatever.

You may very well be on to something. HIFI Rose has the youtube music app included on its streamers and many owners have the same experience to their surprise the experience is excellent and with the added benefit of the vid playing in the screen *if you consider that a plus. I own the A8 also (excellent streamer) and I find Amazon Music to be far superior to Qobuz across the board on my A8 despite Qobuz being touted as the best audiophile streaming quality vs other streaming services by many.  Trust your ears.

I would recommend using Audirvāna with Tidal, it will give you a noticeable better sound quality.