Youtube audiophile hi res sounds MUCH better than my Eversolo streamer

I've discovered several Youtube vids that only play HiRes music and it sounds really good!  I found a few songs I like so I added them my Tidal and listed through my Eversolo A6 Master and A8 on my 2ch setup and it doesn't sound near as good.  It's dead and lifeless sounding.  Does youtube put some kinda mojo into the mix? It almost sounds EQ'd or something. 


Another good reason to own and play CD's - and DVD's! Who knows what processing the music/film data goes through before it's streamed?

There does often seem to be some phantom processing going with various media.  Radio and Sat sound highly bass boosted at times.

YouTube audio is lossy and compressed, not unlike an mp3 file. That can make the music sound "punchy" and some people prefer that quality.

I also have YouTube going through my 2-channel system via its app on my Sony TV, Not as good quality as my CD's or vinyl, but good enough that I'm fine with it and it's quite convenient. 

+1 @dr-boop It’d be most helpful if you could just share some specific links so we know exactly what you’re listening to.  The “audiophile” stuff I’ve found so far doesn’t seem all that.