Youtube audiophile hi res sounds MUCH better than my Eversolo streamer

I've discovered several Youtube vids that only play HiRes music and it sounds really good!  I found a few songs I like so I added them my Tidal and listed through my Eversolo A6 Master and A8 on my 2ch setup and it doesn't sound near as good.  It's dead and lifeless sounding.  Does youtube put some kinda mojo into the mix? It almost sounds EQ'd or something. 


I dont use Youtube but i know these youtube files and they are not far from audiophiles on my system 😊( low cost but vastly improved by acoustics basics, mechanical vibrations controls and EMI shielding ) .

I use only flac lossless files. 24 bits are the more easy to find and the better ...


So, from your first of three links above I was able to find the second song “Killing Me Softly” by Anne Bisson on Qobuz where it’s in 24/96 and it was obvious immediately from the first few notes that the Qobuz version was at a higher level entirely. By comparison the YouTube version sounded flat (both dynamically and dimensionally) and veiled and more like an MP3 recording — not even close. That’s all I’ve listened to so far and can’t comment on Tidal, but I’ll listen to some more and if I hear anything that sounds better than Qobuz I’ll revisit here. I agree that this is a great way to find more interesting and well-recorded music if nothing else and well worth it just for that, so thanks for clueing me into this new (for me anyway) resource.

Ok Soix thanks for looking. I'll try to do the same when I get home.  I do need more cross referencing obviously.  I've never heard a notable sound quality difference in Tidal vs Qobuz. 

Also, i'm not sure how much difference this makes but I do pay for Youtube Red.


YouTube subscriptions still shouldn't provide bitrates that are superior to other well-known streaming services, except perhaps Spotify.

Add to that the variability among masters of the same track/album (that generally are not stated in metadata / post descriptions), and I suspect it’ll be tough to compare stuff without quickly losing light down that rabbit hole. I agree it’s a way to find new tunes.

In looking at the YouTube premium subscription I noticed they do say that it provides higher 1080p video resolution so maybe it’s possible it offers better audio quality too, but they didn’t mention it which would be beyond stupid if better audio was also included.  Maybe someone who cares more will bother to look into this further.