Youtube audiophile hi res sounds MUCH better than my Eversolo streamer

I've discovered several Youtube vids that only play HiRes music and it sounds really good!  I found a few songs I like so I added them my Tidal and listed through my Eversolo A6 Master and A8 on my 2ch setup and it doesn't sound near as good.  It's dead and lifeless sounding.  Does youtube put some kinda mojo into the mix? It almost sounds EQ'd or something. 


In looking at the YouTube premium subscription I noticed they do say that it provides higher 1080p video resolution so maybe it’s possible it offers better audio quality too, but they didn’t mention it which would be beyond stupid if better audio was also included.  Maybe someone who cares more will bother to look into this further.

I am familiar with these YouTube videos. I actually play them a lot during the day as background music & have saved a few to my favorites. I run my TV thru a Dac into a 2.1ch system in my living room. When my dac gets the signal from YouTube the highest quality I ever see is 16/48...normally 44.1khz. Even if the resolution is lower than that my dac will still show 16/44.1.  16/48 is still pretty good and very pleasant but I wouldn't put it on the same level as Quboz or Tidal. While some people may not even be able to distinguish between best quality YouTube Music & Quboz I certainly don't feel Quboz or Tidal sounds inferior to YouTube. 

In my living room with the TV I have a Primare Prisma NP5 with upgraded PS, one of the better budgets streamers I've tried (& I've tried a bunch) but it's not of high end status...& I can tell the difference between the TV app & Quboz. Blacker background, better imaging, etc. Now I really do enjoy those certain YouTube videos & the quality of music but it can't replace my streamer. Not to mention that a lot of the music in those videos are something I don't always want to listen to. Sounds great though..I have one playing right now. I can understand why you enjoy it. 

Thanks @mattw73.  I do think one difference is those tracks on YT are cherry picked to be the best sounding/recorded versions of each song. I've had a really hard time finding those exact recordings in Tidal (and I tried some other platforms too). They seem to be specially made recordings originally designed for superior audio quality.

Bitrates aside, I'll be using this to demo my speakers I sell from now on if possible.

Thanks for sharing the clips. Agreed they sound great. I'm curious if anyone will track down some info on these. I'm wondering if they were simply transcoded from some lossless format, or EQ'd with some DSP along the way.. 

     So a bit of googling shows U-Tube at 750p maxes out at 128kbs AAC and YouTube Premium (old Red) maxes at 256kbs ACC.  YouTube accepts hi res up to 96kbs Flac lossless, but these are transcoded to the above levels.  They recommend submitting the best res files you have for better sound.

  That said the NBR examples info are showing 24/192 files and I find setting my Pontus II to that res does sound slightly better.  No where near my own 24/192 Wav or AIFF files, or even well recorded 16/44.1 via I2s from an OPPO player.

  I really like user supported for their 16/44.1 FLAC channels that have some added processing.