Youtube, the new radio?

Marketplace on NPR had a piece yesterday about youtube metrics becoming a main factor for determining hit songs, replacing the traditional role of radio.

Seems like a good thing to me. People should have more direct say now in what becomes a hit based on popularity, with radio stations and their corporate owners having less influence on these things by deciding up front what gets airplay or not.

What do y'all think?
I bought an after market brass bearing kit for my hand crank coffee grinder and the instructions were "see Youtube video". The best directions I've ever seen was someone actually doing it.
For education and entertainment, it's off the charts.

Everything, it seems, is there. I almost feel as if a video of my fingers typing this sentence will be on youtube tomorrow.

And, it's free (if you're already online). Can't beat it!
Most anything you could need is on ytube, comedy, music, how to, education, history. Its a great tool. I go there weekly to sample music before I buy, it is also a great tool to view local live acts to see who is who and worth seeing!