YouTube unlistenable

I've got some tubes from my friend to share and started listening...
During performance some pop-up commercial comes together and blends with music. You should quick hit the button skip ad whatta bummer. I really got disappointed when one of my favorite La Catedral got interrupted.
I double-checked my popup settings and the blocker is "on"... Should I security settings to highest? It's not happening with most of the sites I visit...
Invest in a CD player and even a turntable (OK that is strtching it) or get a decent computer streaming device with its own dac that you then feed to a good stereo, but use different sources.
I use Firefox and Adblock Plus with the default settings. I searched Youtube for the piece you were referring to and played the first one that came up ( I didn't get any commercial popups but Adblock indicated that it blocked one item on the page.

Good music BTW. I was not familiar with this piece.

Dick, That's exactly the artist I was listening to! The performance is stunning... so clean that I would even listen to it in some poor format such as MP96. Also I recommend to check the same piece by Ana Vidovic(WOW enjoy the views of the sexiest classical guitarist!)