Zafvino Silver Dart Graphene vs. ?

Happy Saturday!

Now that I've got my Harbeth 40.3 XDs settled in with the BAT VK3500, I'm considering upgrading my Zavfino Nova's to Silver Dart's. 

My question is for anyone that has experience with the Silver Dart's: Is there something else in the <$3K range I should be looking at, or not.

(and for sure, before I spend $3K I'll audition a few options from The Cable Co.) 


I’d highly recommended trying these lightly-used AZ Holograms.  If they don’t blow you away you can sell them for little/no loss, but if they do you’ll save a bundle.

These speaker cables won't break the bank but sound very good after a break-in. There is also an audition period for possible returns. BTW; they are currently on sale:

Of course, the components in your system will also have something to do with the mix.

+1 for Acoustic Zen. I recently installed their Satori model and it was an amazing upgrade. 

I can't answer your question specifically, but related to many suggestions already given, I am using Acoustic Zen Absolute speaker cables yet Silver Dart power cords. No, I don't have a good answer why it ended up like that, but I am in no hurry to make any changes based on the sound quality I am getting. I imagine the Silver Dart speaker cables and IC's sound just as good, but I haven't compared. 

Question to @ozzy though, I am seeing a large number of used AQ dragon's; not just here but in other classifieds as well- I wonder if all are legit/non-counterfeit? At this price level there must be plenty of incentive for knockoffs to flood the market. Have you/anyone else heard of anyone getting a counterfeit?