Zafvino Silver Dart Graphene vs. ?

Happy Saturday!

Now that I've got my Harbeth 40.3 XDs settled in with the BAT VK3500, I'm considering upgrading my Zavfino Nova's to Silver Dart's. 

My question is for anyone that has experience with the Silver Dart's: Is there something else in the <$3K range I should be looking at, or not.

(and for sure, before I spend $3K I'll audition a few options from The Cable Co.) 


I've also got Zavfino Prima speaker cables, and I am very happy with them.... 

BTW, I had the Dart power cable, and it was thee stiffest power cable I ever owned or tried. The IEC actually cracked/ broke!

Not sure how the speaker cables are created, but I bet their similar. So be forewarned...


+1 @ozzy 

Be open to rearranging your components to fit your power cables ! And using creative supports to keep them from falling out of the c14 inlets. 

@macg19 - take a look at the Hijiri thread

Someone there might have ued Zavfino previously and can provide an opinion

Regards - Steve

@soix @mclinnguy @zlone 

Soix, I put the AZ Holograms in today. I am blown away. Imaging is much better but tonally they are really, really nice. 

I know there is a break in period so more good stuff to come and I haven't played any really good vinyl yet, but the Harbeth's are clearly loving these.

Thanks for the great suggestion and saving me $2K.