Zafvino Silver Dart Graphene vs. ?

Happy Saturday!

Now that I've got my Harbeth 40.3 XDs settled in with the BAT VK3500, I'm considering upgrading my Zavfino Nova's to Silver Dart's. 

My question is for anyone that has experience with the Silver Dart's: Is there something else in the <$3K range I should be looking at, or not.

(and for sure, before I spend $3K I'll audition a few options from The Cable Co.) 


I am starting to think about the holograms now, can it get better?

Out be out of my lane to comment.

Sorry, it was a rhetorical question, didn’t figure you would know. Really glad you are liking the AZ’s.  

@zlone Thx but no apology necessary...I can see that now. I'm getting over the flu  so wasn't in the best frame of mind yesterday.

Happy holidays!


I have Silver Dart graphene interconnects in my refernce system and they are spectacular.  I have Zavfino speaker cables, below the Silver Darts, in my exercise system and they are excellent.  I would also recommend highly Grover Huffman Pharoah speaker cables.  I use them in my refernce system and they are superb.