Zappa plays Zappa

I am off to the show tomorrow night and thought I would see if anyone has been to see it? I will be attending the Jubilee hall in Calgary where the sound is awsome and I am 3rd row in the orchestra section. What are your thoughts on the show??
No problem Philjolet, I am enjoying the conversationl. I think Jazz from Hell and Zoot Allures are on the top of my list these days. Also the lost episodes are interesting.
Saw them in akron ohio in 2007. Lineup included Steve Vai Terry Bozzio and Napoleon Murphy Brock. After the 3 hour concert I was exhausted (in a good way). One of the best Zappa shows I've ever seen (saw Frank about a dozen times).
We're Only In It For The Money
Hot Rats
Overnight Sensation

And for fun try "Weasels Ripped My Flesh".
I love FZ's first album (1966), "FREAK OUT"!
All the other albums you guys mentioned are also amazing.
For the ones who are curious and unfamiliar to his music, "Strictly Commercial" and "Strictly Genteel" are great starting points. Then you can hunt down those albums containing your favourite tracks from these 2...
On a somewhat related topic, is there a good vinyl pressing of Overnite Sensation? I've bought two different versions off of ebay with very disappointing results.

They are easily the worst recorded/mastered records in my entire vinyl collection.

I also have Apostrophe and Joe's Garage on vinyl. Even though they're only so-so recordings, they're masterpieces compared to my copies of Overnite Sensation.