Zavfino and Neotech OCC Interconnect

I am looking at some interconnects from these two companies, and was wondering if anybody had experience with both. Looking at the NEI-3001 from Neotech and the Arcadia from Zavfino. If anyone has experience with both of these cables, please chime in. I’m trying to find a cable that is not bright and more neutral sounding.



Zavfino Silver Dart ICs are tremendous ICs that I use in my reference system.  I have some of their lower tier speaker cables in my exercise room system.  They too are very strong performers.

@audphile1 Just an update. I have a pair of synergistic research foundation cables coming, as well as a demo audience ohno. Both speaker cables and interconnects. I will report back soon.

Cool. Make sure you allow st least couple of hours for each cable set to settle before you listen critically.

I have been impressed with the couple of SR Foundation power cables I have supplying power to my amplifiers 

I had Sonic Craft make me a 13' set of Neotech 3001 Mk. III single ended cables terminated with Cardas connectors and I think they give good performance for the money. They are neutral tonally, neither too bright nor rolled off. Another excellent bulk interconnect with similar, but slightly less energetic presentation is the Furutech FA-aS22 cable that VenHaus Audio sells. Chris can terminate cables for you with any of Furutech's connectors, depending on budget. Another cable with similar characteristics which has stood the test of time for me in numerous system applications is the Luminous Audio Synchestra. They aren't well known in the USA, most of his sales are in Japan. The owner will often offer you a better price than the listed retail on their website. The only caveat is that they are unshielded, a possible issue in some applications. I've never had an issue with them being unshielded, even with long 3 meter lengths.