Many nice gents in this site, highly reputable common folks audiophiles like @lalitk @wig and others have mentioned these, so it’s probably time to create a specific thread on Zavfino, a direct sales cables company based in Canada with presence ‘ distributors in US, also direct:

I took the advice of these folks with a power cord, the Prima MK2

I could not be happier with this cord, something that would easily cost $2,000 or even $3,000 from other better known cable makers. It’s outstanding, for about $500. Absolutely amazing build, and packaging too. It sounds great, very quiet. I am sure the cheaper PC, the Majestic at $390 is very good too: 
I now have the Prima speaker cables on my way. Call me “sold”.

No BS, truly top quality cables company that flies under the radar. Very affordable too. Take a look. No relation to the company, just a happy first time customer, thanks to my Audiogon friends here
Thanks for sharing @dalims4. 
And that’s the beauty of this hobby. We all hear differently, have different tastes, different rooms, different gear that reacts to different cabling and peripherals. It’s great we have many great quality choices, at any price range.

What I have found with Zavfino is that they react very well to “full loom” concept. Meaning all cables from the same brand, and preferably same tier of same brand. 
I am gradually getting there. The more I add, the better the overall system sounds as a whole. The improvements are cumulative, and I believe mostly due to the full loom concept.

 And for much lower cost that I have often spent in the past several years with other brands’ full looms I have owned and tried.
Not yet @kimurastanley.@kimurastanley.I received two silver darts power cords yesterday, but I am letting them break in somewhere else (not audio).

I currently have and use the following:

One Prima MKII power cord
Prima MKII speaker cables (I use two runs / pairs for biwire)
Silver Darts XLR interconnects

As I mentioned above on my previous post, I am gradually getting there, full loom Zavfino. It will be a combination of Silver Darts & Prima when all is said and done
“The improvements are cumulative, and I believe mostly due to the full loom concept.”

@thyname, Exactly!
The fusion XLR still on the way. Can’t wait to try it. 
Wondering what is the difference bet Prima and silver dart, I am considering that  too.