Zen Adagios...outriggers?

The Acoustic Zen speakers I have are a bit top heavy and could use outriggers like the ones Thiel offers. Are there any aftermarket outriggers for this speaker out there?
Yes, there are aftermarket outriggers available for the Adagio speakers. In fact, there is a pair for sale here at audiogon right now. Just type in Adagio.

Ask for the Adagio sizes as there is smaller outrigger size made to fit the rear of the Adagio.

I have the outriggers on my Adagios (They were the ones Response34 said were for sale on Agon). They definitely provide the stability I was looking for. Whether they have any impact on the sound is a personal matter - maybe they sound a bit better to me or maybe its just wishful thinking. Jimmy at AZ told me that they will begin selling a base for the Adagios in the next couple of months (no price available yet). I would have liked to see what they were offering, but I just couldn't wait. I waited for the last year until the Soundocity outriggers became available used here on Agon.


Thanks for the info. I will look for the Zen outriggers when they become available. Can you tell me about your break-in experience with the Adagios? Mine is being schizophrenic as all heck....