Zenwave SCR ribbon cables

Has anyone listened to Zenwave cables that could share their take on the newer ribbon cables they sell? Specifically their copper or silver ribbon speaker and power cables? 




I have the PSR-11 and PSR-14 power cables. Im amazed and have found nothing better.

I just did an exhaustive 3 month long test of the best wireworld, cardas ,shunyata, audence and a couple other brands including zenwave. I had power cables , speaker cables , interconnects from all the brands and tried every combination i could. And for interconnects nothing beat the dsr and d4/d5 interconnects. The scr-11/14 speaker cables were winners. I had the pcr-11 power cable which is also great. I wasnt able to test the silver ribbon speaker or power cables but the interconnect was a true stand out of the bunch. I had everything from shunyata alpha v2 to wireworld platinum 8 here is how i ended up.

wireworld platinum usb to hqplayer , shunyata sigma usb to dac , zenwave dsr dac to pre , zenwave d5 pre to amp, zenwave scr-11 amp to speaker , zenwave pcr-11 on my amp, shunyata delta v2 power for the dac , shunyata delta alpha v2 for the preamp.

i am still waiting for the zenwave silver ribbon power cable and speaker cables to test. And im still playing with the zenwave dsr/d4/d5 in the pre to amp position.

out of all the cables i tested the zenwave stuff was by far the most impressive. Especially the d4/d5 and dsr interconnects ive never herd silver sound this good it is literally everything i wanted from copper and everything i wanted from silver combined the tonality , neutrality , fullness , slight warmth, snap , impact , quickness was like nothing else i tried. And as for the scr-11/14 speaker cables they had more clarity then any of the copper speaker cable i tested almost as good as silver but with better tonality then i had herd from the silver cables i had available.

I typed this on my phone so please bare with me.

I own the PCR-11 & 14 and they are really good. Dave makes great cables! You can audition them too!


The rectangular copper and silver are superb, I have the Neotech rectangular copper wire called the Sahara and it absolutely is better than my Harmonic technology pro 9 SE using round OCC, and I also have the Sahara interconnect which bettered my HT magic ll XLR interconnects, and just so you know the rectangular wire that zenwave uses is made by Neotech for zenwave, neotech has two wires in their reference series, the Amazon which is the rectangular silver OCC wire and the Sahara which is their rectangular copper OCC wire.

I have a PCR14 now on my Neodio Origine S2 CD player - agree with jmolsberg.