Zu def 4 are they the best speaker made?

I have been a Zu fan for a long time starting with the presence and moving to Definition 3 then to Definition 4.

In my opinion if you like Americana, Rock music
Blues or Bluegrass, then these speakers with the right electronics and room, I really feel like the room matters as much as components.

these speakers lack nothing in my opinion you have great soundstage as well as intimacy and realistic bass.

i have tried a lot of different amps and preamps
But for me as Cobra from this site.  suggested a good 845 amp is a match made in audio heaven!

I'm using a Jhango passive and my 845 is a Larry Moore Monaco with some upgraded parts

Lampizator Dac and transport thru a MacBook Pro with Tidal and it’s simply amazing!!

for vinyl I have a modded table from George Merrill of Memphis Tn, great guy by the way.

and my phono pre is Heed quasar , nothing crazy expensive and I would put it up against anything I have had the pleasure to listen to.

my point is Zu makes a fantastic speaker on top of amazing customer service. But with the right gear they can sound as good as it gets.

i know that’s a bold statement but these speakers are so immediate and life like without any limitations that I can hear but it’s just my opinion.

Check them out for yourself, you may feel the same way.

Best speaker ever made? You gotta be kidding... If anything, it's one of the worst, and for the money, definitely not worth it.

Bad bass, horrible blurry mids, crappy extension, and for all their high efficiency, not even that dynamic or lively even.

The damn things sell for $16900. There's like a million better products out there for HALF this money, let alone at this price.

I definitely don't get it.

I think I saw Zu speakers at an audio show only once. They kept me less than 30 seconds in the room. Don't remember the model or any details, just the brand.

Also, I remember reading this comment about some Zu speakers (yes, it was for a cheaper model):

**** Munich High-End 2016 ****
"Right: Zu loudspeaker from whizzer cone driver and compression driver fitted with waveguide. The speaker sounded plain awful. Close to worst sound on show." 

Nice ad, though. 

I don't know why there is always so much debate on speakers and electronics. Doesn't it stand to reason that in taking account of room acoustics, individuality in people's hearing with regard to even hearing all the frequency spectrum, and the wide range of electronics, electric cords, conditioners, wire connectors, etc. . . . not to mention the constant “improvements” that never quite get to the perfecting of sound reproduction . . . that there is a lot of spoof in advertising -- not to mention brainwashing with regard to all of this?

I grant you that there are improvements in equipment . . . but these breakthroughs, I feel, will ALWAYS be there, as it is the lifeblood of the industry. It is like medicine . . . always finding ways to mask symptoms and always coming up with medical breakthroughs -- but RARELY, if ever, a CURE.

Half the fun, I am convinced, is the man child comparing how much he paid for his equipment and then debating just how much better it is than his neighbor's setup . . . not to mention how everyone seems to have those “golden ears” that set them above everyone else in telling them what to buy, which is the newest BEST . . . that is, until it becomes last months old news. Hey, it is the proverbial carrot that is being dangled in front of a hungry man's face that keep the cash flow going and opens up a man's wallet to spend how many hundreds of thousands of dollars by the public -- knowing full well that this stuff is marked-up two-thirds over the value and the cost of making the product in the first place.

As I recall, we all just salivated just seeing the latest and greatest when going into the stereo stores . . . let alone everyone just mesmerized as the sales person told us what we are hearing -- and believed it.

It is a grand hobby -- always will be; however, doesn't commonsense dictate that somewhere along the line that “carrot” will be always hanging just slightly out of reach of music narvana?
I do believe that link provided above is for their new and improved Druid 6.

I have already had 2 different Zu speakers and all I can say is never again.

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