Zu Omen or Tekton Lore

Best floorstanders under $999 for low power SET amp?

Glad to hear about your favorable first impression of the Lore. Sounds like they broke in quite fast. Happy to hear about the good bass response. A 10 inch drive and ported cabinet of that size should do bass well and it sounds like it does!How's that treble with the bottom mounted tweeter? Are they placement fussy? What color did you go for? How's the fit and finish? I'd likely get mine with grilles due to kids....did you get the grilles?
Zman - I went through pretty much the same thing with my Tekton Katz Meows last summer, although it was over the course of days and not hours. I'm currently putting the finishing touches on my new Omens that have maybe 100 - 150 hours on them as I write this. Both great speakers for the asking price no doubt.
Have you heard other Full Range Single Drivers before? The Katz were the first for me and I'm sold, at least for a while.
What amp are you running the Lores with? I have a 2A3 single ended jobbie that works well with both the Tekton and Zu.
I'm not sure there broke in yet. I have an impression that traveling from Utah to Florida in a cardboard box surrounded by styrofoam builds a static charge that dissapates quickly.
I am using a stereophile burn in disc that will speed up the break in period.
I've tilted the speakers back about 2 deg. and have them towed in about 5 deg. My golden triangle is a little over 6 feet.
The treble is good. Not to glary or to rolled off. But I'm sure the caps that are used on the tweeters will take time to burn in.
I tilted the speaker back to compensate for the tweeter being below the driver. It worked out great.
I do not have grills.

The finnish is Satin Black. It's not a pretty speaker but the fit and finnish as been stated before is top notch.
I'm using an Almarro A318B amp with an Emotiva ERC-1 Cd player w/MAC UltraSilver+ IC's.
My speaker cables are JW Audio Cryo Nova.
My power cords are MAC HC Soundpipes.
It's not exotic, but it sounds great in a fully treated room.
One of my new Lores arrived today. The other will be here in the morning. I ordered them in satin white and they look stunning. Very "clean" look to them. Quality is way up there for the price. I am driving mine with a Decware SE84 for now. Possibly worth noting, I had Eric wire mine up with Van Den Hul C12, 12awg internal wire. Not that it will make that much of a sonic difference but Eric is great about accomadating so I figured why not wire it up with something to my liking. He used a OFC 18awg copper standard which I am sure is fine. I will report on the sound as soon as I get some hours but I am exepting great things.

I chose the Lore over the Omen because of the horirble Zu measurements out there that scared me (no offense to Zu owner and I have not heard them for the record), and I was partial to Eric's design because he addressed phase and cabinet dampening at the this price point.
My honest initial thoughts after 15+ hours are very favorable. This a very balanced speaker with a deep soundstage. Imaging is among the best I have heard - very tightly focused. Excellent dynamics and adequate bass. The system responded better to Type 2 Litz copper IC's opposed to silver, but it may be a better design with the copper IC 's. I am getting a very refined presentation that I hadn't experienced anywhere near this price before. One thing apparent is at 98db efficient, I can hear everything else in the system as well. Finally, we have a transducer that lives up to the hype at a real world price. This one just may get me off the merry-go-around. More to come...