Zu Omen or Tekton Lore

Best floorstanders under $999 for low power SET amp?

Cpapace - Eric did tell me that he had one scheduled, and I believe it was with Stereophile. But you do understand how this industry works, right? If not, here’s something for you to consider:

Reviews are fun to read and have their value in some cases when the “flavor” or intent of the designer is revealed somewhat accurately, but most reviews are "paid for" and there are other industry strongholds in place to consider. One usually has to spend money on advertising his/her product in a magazine before the mag will even think of reviewing them. So then, if someone is pumping advertising revenue into your account, are you going to trash them and give them a bad review on anything? Take a look at most reviews today and you will see my point. The reviewer will focus on the positives and the general theme is that the product is fair to excellent value but is not going to take down “the giants.”

They have to protect the big guys - it keeps the industry strong and in good order. Your best bet is to listen to end users like us. Forget the reviews. They all should be subjected to toilet reading... IMO.
I see these are a front ported design and I can only have my speakers out a maximum of 12-18 inches from the wall. Will the Lore's still sound acceptable in this position? My current speakers are Vandersteen 1C's.

My tube amp passes through hum on the Vandy's...90db efficient...that is readily discernible without the volume turned up. Will the 98 db efficient Lore's just magnify this artifact to distracting levels?
I'm pretty sure the hum will show up at 8 db louder.
If the hum got quieter as you turned the volume down I would say there would be no issue. But if it's there with the volume turned down, that's will be an issue.
I agree with Zman... the Lores, like any efficient design, will reveal flaws upstream. On the other hand, it will reward you with postive changes. I would strongly suggest an upgrade(or fix) on the amp when finances permit.

But in regard to the back wall, that shouldn't be an issue really since these are front ported. There is another guy I know that is doing that and I have tried it. Overall, the presentation is basically the same, however, the soundstage is a little more horizontal opposed to realizing the depth capabilities that this speaker can attain. But I suppose that would be true with just about any speaker that is parked up against the back wall.