Zu Omen or Tekton Lore

Best floorstanders under $999 for low power SET amp?

Gpowered, the best recommendation I have ever received in high-end audio. I know we have been talking mostly Lore and Pendragon, but the 4.5 monitors are just as outstanding as above in their category. There isn't a better desktop, small room monitor near its price ($329.00), and in MHO you'd have to spend many times that price to get all it's positive attributes. Long break-in, but well worth the wait. I'm extremely surprised by the quality of its bass given the speakers small size and overall just a great small speaker. Thanks Eric, thanks Gpowered for letting us know about these speakers.
I wanted to see the difference the upgrade caps made.
So I reinstalled the stock tweeter caps in one speaker for the day.
I was able to do a direct A/B comparison.
The thing I noticed is the factory caps upper end seems to roll off by comparison.The caps themselves lack some of the finer details and the very top end seems less distinguishable and veiled.
The level of detail is still very very good but not as much sparkle and sizzle as with the upgrade caps.
The painful part of the upgrade is in the burn in,I have realized the Lores are so sensitive and unforgiving of a bright or green cap that what is a little annoying in a average sensitivity speaker is magnified several times over.
When the new caps settled down all is good and I hope to be buttoning everything up today.But if you do a cap change in the Lore use a timer and give them 200 to 400 hours to smooth out before panicking.And don't pick caps that have a reputation for being bright of overly etched.If you want an upgrade that is pretty safe I would try Daton,Solon but my premium choice would be Ansar out of the U.K. inexpensive very smooth and neutral,there 600v models are priced like Solon,there 400v with 99.99% silver leads are the SPA audiophile version and they are under $6.00 per cap. And they use tin not zinc to attach the leads to the foil.
Thay are a premium capacitor at a give away price and some one is selling them here in the U.S. on Ebay now.
In changing caps in the Lore be patient.
These speakers will show even the smallest change,both good and bad.

All good guys. The credit goes to the Lord. I finally have peace and it is all about the music. Was listening to some Chris Tomlin tonight on the Pendragons. With just 10 watts in a mid sized room, the bass is tight with so much definition and weight... And the soundstage is expansive, much like a live performance. Awesome! And I am not in a honeymoon phase here....
Well, I wrapped things up today on the Lores.
On the rear wall where there was once fiberglass I used a product from DynaXorb a product of Dynamat. It claims to break up the rear reflection using technology from the stealth program and after looking at it and hearing the results I believe them.There is far clearer bass in Raising Sand (Sister Rosetta goes before us)

I used all mills resisters and they have brought far better detail to the mid-range, wind and string instruments have far more life and vibrato.

I mounted the whole X over on dampening board.
Everything is fantastic there is only one thing I am going to try.

Wool felt tweeter dampening rings.
I AM SO HAPPY with the Lores.

If Ferrari made speakers I'm sure they would sound like Lores!