Zu Omen or Tekton Lore

Best floorstanders under $999 for low power SET amp?

All good guys. The credit goes to the Lord. I finally have peace and it is all about the music. Was listening to some Chris Tomlin tonight on the Pendragons. With just 10 watts in a mid sized room, the bass is tight with so much definition and weight... And the soundstage is expansive, much like a live performance. Awesome! And I am not in a honeymoon phase here....
Well, I wrapped things up today on the Lores.
On the rear wall where there was once fiberglass I used a product from DynaXorb a product of Dynamat. It claims to break up the rear reflection using technology from the stealth program and after looking at it and hearing the results I believe them.There is far clearer bass in Raising Sand (Sister Rosetta goes before us)

I used all mills resisters and they have brought far better detail to the mid-range, wind and string instruments have far more life and vibrato.

I mounted the whole X over on dampening board.
Everything is fantastic there is only one thing I am going to try.

Wool felt tweeter dampening rings.
I AM SO HAPPY with the Lores.

If Ferrari made speakers I'm sure they would sound like Lores!
is anyone here an international buyer? just wondering as I'm a little nervous about freight costs. I did ask Eric but didn't recieve a reply. I could call but time differences and it costs a bucketload...figured someone might be able to help out.
I installed the wool tweeter deffractors today.
They did make a small difference,they seem to take the edge off and add a little air and texture/detail to the top end.
Well worth the $4.00 for the pair from Madisound.
I'm pretty much done now.
These speakers are the best I have ever owned.
I have been thinking about Pendragons but I do live in a condo and the Lores shake the walls as it is even at a watt or two.

I still may though...