Zu Omen or Tekton Lore

Best floorstanders under $999 for low power SET amp?

When you say how much you where missing,Do tell your discovery's.
Can you give specifics related to songs,for example when I upgraded the Lores symbols when being struck gave a deeper pitch with more shimmer and an extended ring in Bjork's Debut album."Come to me" is the best example but it was very noticeable through out the whole album.
This song led me to put the stock caps back in one speaker foe a couple of days for a head to head comparison.
So my findings are verified not on some distant memory but in real time.That is just one example of the out come of the total upgrade there are a few.
Floosh, In my opinion the drivers and basic design of the Lores are very capable of the highest resolution as well as getting loud and sounding live.I often listen to mine late after my wife and son are sleeping.If your handy with a soldering iron the Lores have far more to offer if not send Eric the parts you want installed after placing your order.
You will not find a speaker that responds to even the most subtle changes more so than the Lore.

The Lores can be detailed and dynamic yet smooth as silk, and even stock as there price you will most likely be pretty happy.
The lores however will respond very noticeably to even small upgrades so future money spent is never a waste.
At this moment I am looking at Cardas binding posts. http://www.soniccraft.com/products/connections/bindingpost/cardas_ccgg.htm

I believe the Lores will like the 24k gold over solid copper
The posts on the Lores are very nice and are far better than I would ever expected for speakers at a grand.
But once more every upgrade I have made, The Lores have responded to it.
A good friend of mine came over to hear the Lores yesterday.
He is into stuff in the latest reviews of stereophile magazine for example his most current system is Audion golden dream monos,a Conductor Audio Valve pre and Zingalli speakers. He also has the biggest upgraded Walcotts and Sound Lab panels to mention just two of his setups.

When he came over and listened he was so impressed by the Lores it was the constant topic for more than a couple of hours as song after song was requested.We finally got to go for Mexican food as I was starving and when we got back the requests soon resumed.This was for me the ultimate review as he has been into the high end since the 60's and has never been far out of the loop.
One thing that was brought up is when the recording is forward presented the Lores are forward and when the recording is 10 rows back so are the Lores.I had not noticed this for my self.he listened at low volume, moderately high volume on axis off axis ect..
I was surprised at his interest in them to be honest because his stuff is so much more up the ladder economicly speaking.
His final comment was the only thing missing on these speakers is a flashy gold bage with a $20,000+ brand name!
Do tell your discovery's. Can you give specifics:

Much more realistic dynamics and bass weight; extension far superior. For instance, a bass guitar and bass drum sounds crystal clear and defined, with great harmonic texture. You hear a low end in recordings that was non existant prior. The soundstage is also wider and more expansive. The highs? Both are excellent, but the Pendragon extends taller and wider with the triple tweeter array. The Lore is fantastic, but thre P'dragon sounds so close the the real thing it is quite scary. The Lore may produce equal or greater depth though, since it is single driver and the P'dragon needs more room (esp off the back wall) to create the same depth effect. The Pendragon is the last speaker I buy unless I run out of room for them. ;o) seriously they ran me out of gas.... it simply ended the seemingly endless quest of speaker turnover... TG
I was looking into the Pendragons as a speaker for my home office/ den. It is starting to have room treatments and bass traps for a better sound. 25 x 15 small room
Speakers I was actually looking into the Sonus Faber Cremona M, as i already have a liuto and love the sound it produces.
VR 33, as it can be on the back wall-cant beat that! and also not so hi fi sounding-more of a club venue/live performance.
Paradigm S8v3.-going to hear them later. Proac 18 - tube lover for smaller rooms. outside contenders are legacy classic HD, Focal 836w and lawrece audio violins- never heard em but have high sensitivity as well.
I always try to follow the rule of thumb in audio.
Main source is CD/computer/ipod=Ayon CD 07.=2-3k, Amp is Ayon Spirit 3=4-5k, speakers Where the brunt usually is 4-10k. I have tried in the past year to use lower priced High Value speakers, but they always come up short. I am just afraid of pulling the trigger again on a speaker that is hyped up from advertisement money. Albeit tekton is as often spoken as a Kia.-not a big name
I am not a bass freak , tight and controlled is fine , lower registers probably not use to it.Ive tried 1.7 and it sounded really tweaky and missing anything in the lower registers unless driven. Golden Ear - NOPE not for me-moved my neighbors to hate me with its woolyness. Martin Logan source- not well implemented from the lows to highs. These speakers has to be on the top of anybody's list and made stereophiles recommended list in the 2-2.5k arena.

After reading all these glorious post of a $700 speaker, i am really intrigued at this particular brand. I would like to further know more about them from owners and not paid writers , which i now want to unsubscribe from stereophile. As i am learning that unless u have 50k to spend audio heaven is in your next life.
I'd like to hear the P'dagons.
I gave some serious thought to how they might be balanced tonally speaking.
My guess is the line array of tweeters are of a slightly lower efficiency than the drivers the sum total of there output combined makes for the 98db. output over a larger radiating area much like my sound labs that offered 300 inches of tweeter per panel. Ring radiators in my experience Vifa's to be exact seem to be beammy but 2 X 3 would change the field of sonic radiation offering a far wider dispersion = Brilliant! a mid bass driver both over and under places the tweeter array in the center much like a extra large Tannoy dual concentric driver.I can only imagine with so much cabinet volume in a rear port they must offer layers of very extended bass.
A careful selection of resisters and capacitors in the crossover and it would be like being in the 1970's Memorex ad.
I would love to hear a pair...
Thanks, 4 your observations my mind is racing,but I am still breaking in the Lores and possibly getting them hand pinstriped for a 50's look.

If I get P Dragons it will not be for awhile.
I am really thinking hard though as a year passes fast.