Zu Omen or Tekton Lore

Best floorstanders under $999 for low power SET amp?

02-08-12: Goraman
If you don't need alot of bass?
The Lores do bass pretty well in my condo.
Just ask the neighbors!!!"

I have almost too much bass in my 12' x 13' room with Lores.
Sebrof - looks like the V3 Katz Meow have the same drivers as the Lore-S, and they're virtually the same price, too. Not surprising they have pretty similar sound. Yeah, if pressed to choose one or the other - which I am - it's quite a hard choice. I've had my list of go-to music for comparing cable swaps and other equipment swaps with the Lores for a while, but with the Lore-S I'm going to need to listen throughout my catalog to make this decision. There is music the Lore-S is doing a lot better than the Lore did, but then music the Lore-S can't compete on - and that's all with the same amp. If you start talking about messing around with amps, cables, etc, this could be a whole different animal. Too bad I can't afford them both, like you, Sebrof...
Sionlim - the Focal Chorus speakers and the Paradigm Sigs are going to be a "hi fi" sound. The Paradigm have lots of detail but neither of these are my cup of tea - they do not sound like music to me. They are certainly designed first for the home theater crowd. That is not to say they are bad music speakers, as some really like that, but they will come no where near a Tekton if you are guy that wants to try and recreate the live band... (speaking of Lores and Pens only)

Front port vs. rear port: My first pair of Pendragons were front ported, and they had a little more punch (pant flappin effect for sure) and dynamics. Eric told me they wee up +3db somewhere but the rear ported version may extend a little lower, and to my ear and in MY room (medium size), they tend to be a little cleaner or more polite in the bass, or perhaps they don't seemn to overload the room in the lower end as much as the front ports did. They do, however, need to be off the back wall a little more with rear porting, although I preferred the front ported version in practically the same position anyway. Hope this helps...

Great reports guys.... wow, this thread is really rockin! Peace to all!
I'm in northern NJ. Anyone in the tri-state area who has a variant of the Lore's or Meow's willing to offer a listening?
Sionlim - "I do however rock out and blow my windows out.
The Lore is very tempting, but refinement is actually what i really want."

Well, the Lore will rock out, for sure, and the Lore-S have much warmer and rounder tone to instruments, kind of a fuller sound. But they still have good dynamics, just not quite the full live feel of the original Lore. Lore-S could be the right balance for you.

However, I'm quite curious what the changes Goraman has done to his Lores do to add extra refinement without expense of dynamics. If I could have these Lore-S with that extra bit of dynamics of the Lore, I'd be in heaven. I also think the frequency balance of the Lore-S is ever so slightly tipped down, while the Lore is ever slightly tipped up. Or at least, the Lore-S is tipped lower than the Lore. Depending on associated electronics and cables, that could make a difference.

I'd really love to hear from someone who has tried the Lore-M as well as Lore about any differences there.