Zu Omen or Tekton Lore

Best floorstanders under $999 for low power SET amp?

I haven't found the need for a Zobel network,even at 18 to 20 watts per channel the impedance curve seems pretty stable to me.
Possibly due to the non inductance resisters,internal cabling and upgrade caps presenting a better over all presentation.

They do seem to have a peek between 1khz. and 2khz. as dose most drivers in the extended to to full range variety but it doesn't seem to change with increasing volume.
Or maybe Rocky 500 notices it more in his particular room as he rocks up the volume knob.Hard to say but it dose make for awesome guitar riffs.The Lores are not ruler flat near the upper ranges,I knew this from the first audition,the ZU Essence is far flatter than the Lores but they have a huge peek in the very top end from 15K on up with bass remaining tight but not as prominent as the Lores.
The Lores are a fantastic speaker but they don't graph like the Bonneville salt flats.
Hey guys. Good to hear from everybody. In light of my interest in recreating a live event, I am thinking trying out a Crown XLS-1000 class D pro switching amp with my Tekton Pendragons. I am curious to see if it will give me the dynamics I am looking for. Dynamics are very good with 12 watt Xindak, so I can only imagine w/ a pro amp. Any thoughts?
Hey guys, what are your thoughts on using a class D Pro amp with a pair of Tekton Pendragons? I have my eye on a Crown XLS 1000... trying to recreate "live" sounding dynamics in my room. I am amazed at what a 12 watt tube amp can do... but I am a rock and contemporary guy and the "live" sound IS where these Tektons excel. Eric seem to think it will be a great match... thoughts?
Gpowered, if you go for that Crown lemme know what you think. I'm thinking to get on for my Vandy 2Ce's. It's cheap and so available, returns are easy if need be.