Zu Omen or Tekton Lore

Best floorstanders under $999 for low power SET amp?

Hi guys,
I am updating my 'Dragons with Mundorf Silver in Oil Caps and Mundorf Resistors this week. It will take a few weeks of break in and then I will update you all. I'm also going to build some bass traps that are much needed in my space. Does anyone else have any comments on their Dragons?
Congrads Boniccie! Bradluke0 - yes, I am considering selling my Pens and ordering the 8ohm version with some other upgrades! Just thinking about it though... if I had a local buyer I may do it. I love my 4ohm model so it's just a thought right now. I am using Crown pro amp right now and it's class D. I love the combination.
Hi all ! Looks like me and Mikirob had the same nightmare in the '70 s . Boniccie...wish I had the room for the 'dragons , lucky guy you are . Morganc...I was going to build some bass traps too and then got lazy and just bought some . A nice little trick is to stack pillows in different corners to see where they should placed . Another way is to just stick your head in each corner of the room and listen . The corner or corners with the strongest bass is where they go .
Gpowered, Class D amps are very efficient and should get these Pendragons in a good grip. The SDS amps are great but the DIY Hypex Ncore amps seem to have uped the game. A good class D amp should have no particular "sound", very neutral. Isn't that what an amp should do? Only amplify the source without drawing attention to itself?? Some tube fanatics that are used to a certain "sound" might not go wild for this i'm afraid.

PS: i'm very intrested in a Pendragon myself but also in a good open baffle like a GR research Super-V or an Emerald Physics. Anyone heard these? And how would they compare to a Tekton Pendragon or Lore??