Zu Omen or Tekton Lore

Best floorstanders under $999 for low power SET amp?

G Powered what are the other upgrades that you are considering and what are you looking to improve? I'm upgrading my caps also and maybe looking at the wiring, etc.
Morganc - mainly just upgrading the resistors to be able to be handle big power, caps, increased internal dampening... and the more versatle 8ohm.

Rcduck7 - the class D pro amp is doing everything you said. I am running a single CROWN XLS 2500 (over 700! guaranteed watts into 4ohms). One thing I REALLY like is the rich, deep, but extremely articulate bass at the lower volumes. This amp really has a tremendous grip on the drivers. CRANK it up and it is crystal clear - almost deceptive in that it doesn't seem as loud as it is! I am not missing my tubes right now. Getting better and better as the hours build up on this amp.
Rcduck7 - one of the members here has (or had) Emerald Physics. His A'gon name is Telescope_trade

You can see some if his posts on this thread

Hit him up and tell him Gpowered sent you...
GPowered: I upgraded to the Mundorf Silver in Oil Caps for the 'Dragons this week and the improvement was not small nor subtle. It was a huge upgrade even before any cap breakin. I have a Mundorf Resistor to install also but I am going to have Eric make the new Crossover for me so I have not added that in yet. For anyone wanted a major upgrade, this is it and right now the caps are on sale at Parts Connection.

The vocals have more body, more three dimensionally, and are silky smoothe. Overall tone, timbre, and balance are much improved. It is about $500-600 to upgrade (and that's the sale price), but it is a major improvement and improves on an already great speaker.

My next step is to add much needed bass traps to my living room as I still get boominess from the speakers and I have several bass nodes, but I am now quite content with the speakers.

I am running them now with a two watt 45 amp from Don Allen (yes two watts) and the imaging, soundstage,clarity, and detail and pure musical enjoyment level are all amazingly high. I also have a Decware Tori mk III that is a fantastic match also but the bass from it overwhelms my room at the moment so I am mostly using the two watt 45 and it plays well up to 75 dB or so at my listening position.