Zu Omen or Tekton Lore

Best floorstanders under $999 for low power SET amp?

Anyone able to summarize the main pros/cons of Tekton Lore vs. Zu omen def?
(I have read the 15 prior pages). Have never purchased speakers without listening to them........any key differences with tweeter design/sound, bass respond, front firing vs. floor, etc. Thanks in advance.
Morganc- thanks for the update! How difficult was it to install the caps and what changes are required in the xover for this new resistor?

I have to admit I am quite happy with this Crown amp in my system now. I also rearranged my room and was able to spread the speakers
9ft apart as well as sitting 9ft away. This made a gigantic difference, especially in the tone and mid bass/bass of the speaker. Much more defined now. It is amazing what placement can do. These speakers definitely need some room to do their best. Prior, I had been sitting about 7.5 ft away from them. A little too close.
Hi GPowered: It is quite easy to change the caps, though the challenge is that the Mundorfs alone are each as large as the entire previous crossover,and therefore not so easy to install using the old crossover board. The changes I made were simply upgrades to the parts using the exact same specs. Basically, I hacked out the old caps and just soldered in the new ones in a temporary quick fix situation, meaning it wasn't pretty and I was glad it didn't short out!

Then upon hearing how nice everything was sounding, I asked Eric if he would kindly build me a new crossover using the new caps and resistors and of course he agreed to do so for a nominal fee. So now he has them and will send them back to me on a new board which then will require me to just re wire it. I'm far from a DIY guy, but it should not take more than a half hour to complete and well worth it.

As for the placement, yes the Dragons love space in my room. I have them about 5 feet from the rear wall and about 9-10 feet apart and I sit about 10-11 feet back. I found a huge improvement when I took out the measuring tape and laser and positioned them with perfect symmetry. The imaging and soundstage is really spectacular now with the amp that I am using.

Next step for me is a pair of bass traps and to take some measurements to even out the bass as my room is a bit fussy.
Wow, those Mundorfs are quite quite pricey! Any thoughts about mixing caps? I could probably afford the smaller Mundorf caps, but what if I went for a cheaper option on the larger caps? I don't have experience with different sounds of different capacitors and would like the best I can get, but not sure I can spring for the large Mundorfs. Any idea what combinations might work best, or what I would be sacrificing by not going all-Mundorf?