Zu Omen or Tekton Lore

Best floorstanders under $999 for low power SET amp?

I listen to about 50/50 Jazz/Classical, and was a bit worried myself how the Lores would handle Classical, mostly due to reports that they lack resolution compared to higher end speakers. Well, my reservations proved unfounded when the Lores came.

First of all, they are plenty resolving enough for Classical. I can't say I've heard the best of the best when it comes to speakers, but the highest-end I've heard are B&W 802 diamonds, which are known for being highly resolving. Sure, they're more resolving than the Lores, but not by much. And when you figure they cost 15x as much, you'd expect them to be more resolving. The trade off for that little bit of resolution, though, is incredible sonic immersion. For me, listening to the B&W's is like watching 40fps video on an ultra hi-def t.v. It's sharply detailed, but you're constantly aware that you're watching an image on a screen; listening to the B&W's, I 'm always aware that I'm listening to a recording. With the Lores, however, my system disappears. This isn't just because they image well, which they do, but also because they nail the tone and timing of the instruments. They present the music very cohesively, like a live performance. It's like being on stage with the musicians, especially with chamber music.

As for orchestral music, if your amp is powerful enough, the Lore's will wash a symphony over you like you're at the concert hall. You get the rumble of the low frequencies, the airiness of the highs, and the big round tones and resonating thwacks of kettle drums and tympani. And the most impressive part is how well the Lores separate the sections of the orchestra, while still maintaining the timing and cohesiveness of the performance. I've heard many a lesser speaker turn orchestral music into a muddy, distorted mess.

You might not have the same experience as me, but I'd give them a shot before spending more money.

Good luck,
Alex, thank you for your time and detailed feedback, that helped a lot, I think I am gonna take a dive. Best Regards
How do Omen and Lore hold up with large scale classical recordings at higher volumes or say louder pop/electronic type music? Do the wide range drivers used keep their composure or show signs of strain?
Alex, thank you for your time and detailed feedback, that helped a lot, I think I am gonna take a dive. Best Regards
Grills or no grills on Lore?
I have not heard anybody complaining on the subject of grills (or absense of thouse) on Lore, would it be safe to assume then that it is purely 'looks' matter?
Thank you