Zu Omen or Tekton Lore

Best floorstanders under $999 for low power SET amp?

Gpowered- Thanks for your comment. Actually I already own a pair of Lores, but am always looking to hear how they might compare to other speakers. Being from a small town my options for auditioning speakers is very limited. So when I bought my Lores it was based solely on reviews. I think you are right in that comparing the Lores to the Emotivas is not comparing apples to apples. Even though I have not had a chance to listen to the Emotivas I did get a chance to listen the Zu Omens, which everybody seems to compare the Lores to. Here are my thoughts about the Omens if you or anyone else is interested. I found Omens to be a good speaker. Considering various listening preferences they maybe just what some are looking for, unfortunately this was not the case for me. I found the midrange frequencies on the Omens to be very much forward as opposed to the Lores, almost to the point of being overwhelming. I found there was a noticeable difference in bass response. The Lores had more of it, which was well defined delivering what I call a punch as opposed to the Omens. I bought the Lores with this in mind and have not been disappointed. Again others may find a less defined bass more appealing, I do not. My only criticism of the Lores is that the high end can be a bit more accentuated than I like. However, this does vary from recording to recording. That being said it probably does not come as much of a surprise but I much prefer the Lores.
Lore versus Lore-S?
Would anybody say they prefer Lore over Lore-S or vice versa?
Would be very much interested to hear an opinion.
I spoke with Eric and I was given to understand that Lore will have deeper feeling in the lower range just due to the driver size. Is this something that the owners of these especially if someone had a chance to compare will share?
Thank you
Mogami coaxial with Lore
Sorry for another one at so short interval - did anybody use Mogami cable with Lore? How was it, anything with better return on investment :)?
Avs9. I used different cables with the lore and the pendragon including mogami and my favorite so far are the clear day cable.Give Paul a call he is a wonderful guy and excellent cables maker. Good luck
For those of you who listen to talk radio you might get a kick out of this. Glenn Beck an national radio host has a pair of tekton lore s. I guess he liked them so much he did a quick spot on tekton.

It is on tektons web site.