Zu or Harbeth

Hello Gentlemen,

I soon may be in the market for some new speakers. I currently have a pair of Vandersteen 3a's ( my "waterproof" digital camera got soaked, so I haven't updated my system photos for a while) and I really enjoy the sound. That said, I am sure there are better speakers out there.

The Harbeth 40.1 has been on the top of my list since the beginning, but lately I have been looking at the Zu Definitions and/or Presence. At this point in time I am only interested in speakers from these 2 companies for various reasons, esthetics being one of them.

I have read all the reviews for each of the speakers and would love to hear from anyone who owns/has owned these speakers.

My room is about 16'x25' with an a-frame ceiling with a 20'peak.
Also I have a Mcintosh MC 2500 beast of an amplifier, which I love, and have no plans on upgrading, not sure how this would mate with the Zu's.

I also plan on buying used.

Thank you in advance.
Sorry to butt in, but Tvad, I remember reading you were speaker shopping, did you buy the audio notes? I think Bob Neil of Positive Feedback has done excellent writing on the Spendor>Harbeth>Audio Notes, and he says that's where I'll end up. Hmmmm
Any thoughts?
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Sam, I think the power handling specs for Zu are greater then the Vandersteens. I'd have a bit of headroom.

"I tend to agree with Jaybo that the neither the 40.1 nor Definitions will be a substantial upgrade over the 3A Reference, but I also understand the desire to change for the sake of having something new."

Really? considering the price difference, I would think either would be a huge upgrade. That's encouraging to hear though. I really do like the Vandersteens, I just assume spending 3-5 times as much on speakers would give me a better, more truthful, refined and real sound?

Tvad, I have always liked the look of the Audio note an-e's I just read the stereophile review and was surprised that they go that low. They don't look it.
When you heard them, were they in the corners? If so, how was the depth and staging from that position? What about stands. I'll look into them, thanks for the recommendation.
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