Zu or Harbeth

Hello Gentlemen,

I soon may be in the market for some new speakers. I currently have a pair of Vandersteen 3a's ( my "waterproof" digital camera got soaked, so I haven't updated my system photos for a while) and I really enjoy the sound. That said, I am sure there are better speakers out there.

The Harbeth 40.1 has been on the top of my list since the beginning, but lately I have been looking at the Zu Definitions and/or Presence. At this point in time I am only interested in speakers from these 2 companies for various reasons, esthetics being one of them.

I have read all the reviews for each of the speakers and would love to hear from anyone who owns/has owned these speakers.

My room is about 16'x25' with an a-frame ceiling with a 20'peak.
Also I have a Mcintosh MC 2500 beast of an amplifier, which I love, and have no plans on upgrading, not sure how this would mate with the Zu's.

I also plan on buying used.

Thank you in advance.
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Duh #2!!!!
I heard the Harbeth 40.1 and thought they had way more inner detail than my Vandy 3 A sigs did especially in the mid range. Their smooth presentation throughout took me some time to adjust to before I realized how good they were!! The room I heard them in wasn't great so they would probably be even better in a room like yours.
one man's 'midrange with inner detail' is another man's 'forward midrange with rolled off highs'. the harbeth 40's are a great speaker, but don't dismiss the vandy either for doing what it was designed to be..a flat response-over a very wide bandwidth loudspeaker. As a rule (with few exceptions), its only 'well after' you've made a monitary intestment that you 'really' know your speakers... and, if you truly love them. just like wives.
Jaybo I know this isn't the law but....

"With its wide baffle, inset drive-units, and lively cabinet, Harbeth's M40.1 looks distinctly old-fashioned. But its measured performance suggests that Alan Shaw has worked hard to achieve a balance in which no single aspect overshadows any other, something that seems to have been confirmed by AD's auditioning.¬óJohn Atkinson"