Zu Soul Superfly

I just ordered a pair of the new Zu speakers on a whim. I was going to wait for information, but the fact that they threw in the free superfly upgrades to the first 30 people got me.

From a similar thread it sounds like some of you guys have heard the speaker despite information only being released today. I'm wondering what you can share about it?

Also, I am really hoping it works with a Firstwatt F1 amplifier. Can anyone comment as to that? I know the Druid's and Essences worked OK.
I would definitely throw the Miniwatt amp into the affordable and very very enjoyable amp camp for the Superflys. I'm sure the Leben will be a step up, but I could easily live with this combo for a while. Very musical, engaging.

It's probably a great match for the new speakers. Perfect price point.
Got email from Zu. $1000 speaker coming.

Is that all they said? Because you've piqued the curiosity of my rather limited budget.
I got the email too. Non-plodded as I have my order in for Superfly but... could it just be a slightly more organised version of the Superfly release for the.... Soul. The baths add up - originally pitched @ £1,800 and now with $800 off. Same differential as Superfly.

i bought soul superfly. wanted a second system in the spare room. maybe i should have waited for sub-$1000 zu speaker, would have been more sensible choice - financially.