Zu Xaus or Furutech AG-12 phono cable?

I'm looking to replace VPI phono cable (RCA to RCA)

Within my budget the Zu and Furutech are current favorites based on reviews.

It's difficult, if not impossible for me to audition, so hoping that I might get some feedback on these two.

My analog kit comprises VPI TNT 3 with latest upgrades, JMW 12" arm ZYX Airy3 Cosmos running into Underwood GCPH Phono.

Music - mostly female vocals and jazz.

I haven't heard the Furutech, but I own the Xaus and I liked it better than the ExtremePhono Crimson and a number of non-phono-specific interconnects I tried. It had higher resolution than all of them, and the shielding was as good as the Crimson and better than all the others. It was also the most neutral of all of them, with the Crimson a close second. The Crimson was just slightly rolled off on both ends, and I liked it better until I started using cartridges with more extension. For female vocals and jazz, it wouldn't matter as much; the Crimson is a little cheaper.

With a LOMC like your Airy, a continuous run from cartridge clips to RCAs would be even better, if the JMW can accomodate that, and probably wouldn't cost much more than the Xaus.

David - Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. More for me to think about and consider

I have the Xaus with A VPI Scoutmaster and Dynavector XX2, It is very well shielded compared to other cables I have tried. One even picked up an FM station. It is as close to neutral as any I have heard. That, in conjunction with their location, makes Zu my cable of choice.