Zyx mistracking issue

Hi all!
I experiment some mistracking issues with a Zyx R100H that I acquired on e-bay in 2012. My tech confirms that the tip is not worned out (I listen no more than 2-3 hours/week on average). My Zyx is mounted on a LP12 with a Zeta arm.

Has anyone experienced tracking issues with Zyx cartridges? All reviews I found stated a flawless tracking performance. Could it be some compatibility issue with the Zeta? Is the suspension particularly fragile? As a comparison my backup table is a Thorens TD160, grace 707 arm and grace F9e cartridge; this backup setup does not have mistracking issues despite its older age.

Thanks for any clue.

Your Grace is better suited  for the Zyx...although I would double  check your settup
I trippled checked the setup, increased vtf to 2.2g, fine tuned antiskate by ear. My next step is to try it in my backup table, i.e. the grace tonearm.
Thanks for the comment!
The zyx suspension is particularly fragile but I am not sure your problem is relative to that fact.
2.2g is well above the recommended range, is it not? That’s usually not a good way to combat perceived mistracking. What’s the effective mass of the zeta?
According to https://www.vinylengine.com/cartridge_database.php?m=Zyx&mod=r100h&t=any&sort=2&Sear...=the tracking force is 1.7-2.5g. At 2.2g, I mistracking is much reduced on music recordings (piano) but still fails the sibilance test record.Also, the Zeta has an effective mass of 16g, and again from the vinylengine site, the match with the R100 is perfect.