Zyx mistracking issue

Hi all!
I experiment some mistracking issues with a Zyx R100H that I acquired on e-bay in 2012. My tech confirms that the tip is not worned out (I listen no more than 2-3 hours/week on average). My Zyx is mounted on a LP12 with a Zeta arm.

Has anyone experienced tracking issues with Zyx cartridges? All reviews I found stated a flawless tracking performance. Could it be some compatibility issue with the Zeta? Is the suspension particularly fragile? As a comparison my backup table is a Thorens TD160, grace 707 arm and grace F9e cartridge; this backup setup does not have mistracking issues despite its older age.

Thanks for any clue.

I pursued my investigation and finally bought a new AT-OC9ii fully compatible with my Zeta arm. It tracks absolutely flawlessly! I optimized the asimuth adjustment; you can read about my experience (in french) in a short report. http://info.usherbrooke.ca/jpdussault/Audio/Azimuth.pdfIn summary, I experimented with five cartridges, the Zyx, Grace F9e, a Shinon Saphic, a DV23RS and the AT-OC9. All but the AT have close to 800-1000 hours of usage. The Zyx is the worst tracker, the AT the best and the DV-23 a close second best despite its ~1000 hours of play and some 35 years old...

@analoghaven I don't succeed in using my mini microscope to photograph a still picture of a stylus, so I can't imagine viewing a moving one tracking a record!
My only experience with Zyx is 2 out of 3 purchased brand new had production faults. Wouldn't touch one wth a 40 foot barge pole even though I did like the Omega very much, when it was built properly.
On my french forum a lot of people have got problems with zyx. I have been told that on German forum some people were not satisfied with zyx cartridge too.
I have bought a Benz LPS after the zyx experience.
Really? I did own a few Zyx in the Past, Zyx1000, Airy, Universe ...and all we’re good. I used always good alignment tools and also from Graham his his jig from the Phantom Arm ... and a good table with no internal vibrations ... all I can say, the Zyx tip liked to collect dust or dirt from the grooves. I checked it regularly and cleaned them with my AT-637 ...
This is the first I have read anywhere of a problem endemic to ZYX cartridges in particular, although the internet audio sites are replete with complaints about just about any brand of cartridge you care to cite. I have been happy with my UNIverse, is all I can say. For sure, the fact that the OP had a problem 7-8 years after purchasing a used ZYX that was far from the top of their line to begin with means nothing.