ZYX RS20 vs Denon DL103


I have currently using the DL103, would like to try out something, ZYX RS20 come to mind, I listen mostly Jazz & old pops LPs, would the ZYX better than teh DL103?

Any other suggestion? My budget is around US300-400.

I'm trying to find out what Denon model turntable was made back around the late 70's early 80's that had a granite finished base to it ????

Any takers on this knowledge ??

What is the effective mass for your Schroeder Reference?
I am thinking about getting the 103R myself for my VPI 12.5 arm (11.5g effective mass). Lots of people seem to recommand high mass tonearms for the 103R. Thought about getting Airy 2, but too expensive for me.

I just bought a R20, and since I have been using a 103r for about a year and a half, I should be able to give you some comparisons soon. I'll let you know what I think after some long listening over the weekend.
I got a Yatra a few weeks ago, and tho it'not fully broken in, it was a big improvement over my Benz Glider. Now I need a phono pre with more gain , however, as at max volume it still is a bit below tha loudness level I like.

My Schroeder Reference won't be here for a few months yet. I have ordered jacaranda which is 15gm effective mass. I heard the 103R in Thom Mackris's ebony Reference which is higher. I have used a 103 in an Expressimo Rega (12gm) and it works fine in that.