ZYX RS20 vs Denon DL103


I have currently using the DL103, would like to try out something, ZYX RS20 come to mind, I listen mostly Jazz & old pops LPs, would the ZYX better than teh DL103?

Any other suggestion? My budget is around US300-400.

I am looking forward to hearing your comparison between the 103r and the ZYX R20. Let us know as soon as you have anything to share.
Well guys, a little bad news. I broke a stinking cartridge clip while swapping in the ZYX. Since I sold my spare tonearm, it looks like it will be another week before I can get the clips to get it repaired. And what really pisses me off is I was sober when I went to change them! That's about to change since I'm stuck with the cd player for the next week.

I know it's really no big deal, but being caught unprepared sucks. I could have sworn I had some clips around here somewhere. Oh well, time to hit the bottle!


Just solder the cartridge pins to the tonearm wires. It'll probably sound better!

Sorry to hear about that, it must be maddeningly frustrating.