ZYX RS20 vs Denon DL103


I have currently using the DL103, would like to try out something, ZYX RS20 come to mind, I listen mostly Jazz & old pops LPs, would the ZYX better than teh DL103?

Any other suggestion? My budget is around US300-400.

Well, I called Parts Connexion today, and should have what I need by tomorrow. Getting there!
It's up and running now. So far I've gone through the first three Led Zep Classic reissues, figuring that oughta help it break in. After #4 I'm going to throw on some vocal and acoustic stuff.

I'd have to say I'm impressed with it out of the box. I really like the 103r, but this just has a "liitle more" of everything. But damn this thing is light. I played hell getting the counterweight up far enough so it would track at 1.8 (actually 1.78, close as I could get it).

Don't worry, I'll post more as I get a few hours on it. I do want to do some direct A/B with the Denon.

And big thanks to Vicki at Parts Connexion for getting my order to me in less than 24 hours. Great service!!!
You might want to consider using the Cardas Frequency Sweep / Burn in LP. It does great things for break-in (using the burn in side) and the Frequency sweep side is a great system conditioner that does wonderful things for the sonics when used once a month or so (cartridge/system dependant for how often to use it). Acoustic Sound has it now available for less than $ 25.00.

1.78g is probably too light. It's certainly too light for the higher end ZYX's, and AFAIK the suspensions are similar. I fear mis-tracking on dynamic passages, if not now then certainly when cooler weather arrives.

1.90g is about right in the summer and I'd probably want to start a new cartridge off a touch heavier than that. In winter you'll probably want to be closer to 2.00g.

You either need a lighter counterweight or a headshell weight. The fancy ZYX's have an optional headshell weight that adds about 4g. It is useful on all but the heaviest tonearms. In addition to giving you a more useable VTF range, increasing the system eff. mass should improve bass and dynamics a bit, sort of like the HIFI mod does.