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What does it take to be a die hard Beatles fan?
To answer the OP's question...when I found myself purchasing a couple of original 35mm slides of them in their heyday. What the hell do I need those for? They do look pretty good though, once I fixed them up in Photoshop. I guess I just wanted som... 
Give 'Ambrosia' another listen
Wow, I feel blessed that I kept the albums all these years. I just made a 'Best of Cd, and found I had to fill two 80 minute CD's just to get all their best songs included. Worth the big bucks you guys. Try record shops, there's plenty of them her... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Ambrosia.  It's been years since I put them on, and I'm blown away. There are a couple of their albums that rival Sgt Pepper in creativity. Very under rated band IMO.  The albums, 'Somewhere I've never traveled' and their self titled one are my fa... 
Tune of the Day
Cowboy Star by Ambrosia. A couple of their albums nearly match Sgt. Pepper IMHO.  
Anyone else feel like they are “transported” INTO the music
It started for me when I added a subwoofer array (4 subs). I got lucky with my room design as well. There's a 'cut out' area (meant for a large TV- 30" deep), that helps the sound stage go 'back' further than it normally would.   It sometimes sh... 
What was the craziest location that you made an audio purchase from?
Bought 7K worth of nice equipment at a Neighborhood garage sale...for $180 cash. Lady had just left her husband and was getting back at him. I paid her, left them there for a while, and checked out other houses. By the time I got back, there were... 
What was the craziest location that you made an audio purchase from?
Found a Western Electric 555 tweeter, 20 feet up, after climbing a wall of open shelving in a storage shed. I was 'pickin'. The guy had (noshit) 300 vintage (20's-30's) movie projectors, maybe 60 Short wave/CB High end military units, thousands of... 
Why do almost all women today hate home audio?
I was surprised and happy to find that when my 28 yr. old daughter and her boyfriend visited, they sat patiently and listened to a 70 minute 'best of CD' I'd burned. Songs that showed off my system. They both had their eyes closed the whole time,... 
Newly discovered
Cloud Cult. I'm 70, my daughter's 28. We both share a love of this uplifting band.  
Good speakers for Parasound Halo JC1
I've got two Parasound Halo integrated units. One up, one downstairs. They pair beautifully with my two sets of Dali speakers. Helikons, and Euphonia ms5's.   below is a link to a photo of the speakers. The Euphonia's can be tri-wired. https:/... 
Let's share key moments in our musical lives
either, or both  
Let's share key moments in our musical lives
Yea that's my '55 wagon. Had an interesting death in a demolition derby.  
New take on CD vs Vinyl vs CD
Agreed, there was a lot of volume adjusting going on  
best external drive for ripping CDs
I've had great luck with my Pioneer BDR-XS06.   I usually burn Best of CD's with one of my Harmon Kardon CDR20's or 30's. Through my stereo system, not my computer. I see that the CDR 30 has both optical and Coax inputs, you might be able to use... 
What are your top 3 favorite female singers?
Joni Sandy Denny Kate Bush