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What speaker – under $10k – has the best timbre and tonal qualities?
The most expensive Dali you can find/afford. So rich I can't seem to listen with my eyes open 
Audiophile demographics?
My best female friend loves music maybe more than I do. Before Covid, she'd go to a music club 3 times a week. She plays guitar.We have 'music days' often when we listen to new music (for her anyway)on my 14K system, which really sounds amazing. I... 
Why so little Primare gear on A'gon? Bad rep?
I've got a D30.2 CD player. I've tested it against a Exemplar modded Denon 2900. It actually sounds nicer to my ears than the Denon, not by much, but I'm one who doesn't really prefer the 'vinyl' sound. Plus my speakers have a sweet vinyl appeal t... 
What should be my next speaker - the never ending question
I've slowly been upgrading over the years. I just sold my B&W 805S, and my KEF R3 speakers when I heard and bought the Dali Helicon 400'sOMG. Full RICH sound that gives me the shivers nearly every time I sit and listen. I can't imagine a speak...