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PS Audio unveils their PS Audio Directstream DAC
Thanks Aurelius... What I'm hoping to find out here, is whether DSD is really a better format than hi-res PCM, and if so, why. Does anyone have any experience converting hi-res PCM to DSD... And does DSD truly sound superior...?? 
PS Audio unveils their PS Audio Directstream DAC
I am a fan of PS Audio and their products, and if this new DSD DAC pans out, I'll probably buy one - or at least the upgrade (I currently own a PWD MKII). What I really want however, is to better understand what the purported benefits of DSD are o... 
Why aren't new vacuum tubes as good as old ones?
Click HERE to view the Mullard video. This is really fascinating.....Worth a look. 
More info pertaining to Pass point 8 series amps
Wow! I sure would like to own one.... 
Weiss is so underrated
ADDENDUM...........Correction to my previous post:Sorry to hog this thread, but I only realized after I posted my previous thread, that the reviewer was comparing the original PWD (not the current MKII version) to the Weiss 202 - and the reviewer ... 
Weiss is so underrated
go here to read one of many reviews posted in cyberland proclaiming the PWDII superior to the Weiss202.No doubt, the Weiss is a great sounding DAC - I've heard it many times. Here's the thing; (if) the Weiss DAC 202 represents high-end - if that's... 
Weiss is so underrated
What a #$%@....! 
If you wanted to impress someone, which track?
Hum... Lot's of amplified rock music listed... Not your typical "audiophile genre." The times are a changing!! 
Does anybody have any experience with the JBL 1400
Very, very, very good speakers for rock, electric blues and music with lots of dynamics. I didn't think they excelled as well presenting the nuances of female vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, cello, violin (individual instruments)... They are, howe... 
Music Server
Something to consider, however, is how important it is to you to retain the same level of sound quality as your current CD playback source. Some CD playback systems provide a very high level of sonic performance. If retaining - perhaps even surpas... 
Anyone interested in stereophile estate auction?
Laura:Please except my sincere and deepest condolence for your loss.Losing a loved one is the hardest part about life. Keep your chin up... And may your father rest in peace.He must have been a really cool guy..._Ben 
Is soundstage just a distortion?
Hum... I agree that a well-executed amplifier and crossover is beneficial to the sound-stage, but I believe those benefits are more apparent in the actual staging of the instruments and players within the sound-stage. The room itself, and the way ... 
Oppo 105 or PS Audio PWD Mk2
Are you citing the PWDII as a reference to determine which disc player to purchase? I assume you already know that the PWDII is a DAC. Again, you may know this, but the PWDII with the Bridge, eliminates the need altogether for a disc player. Playi... 
Acoustic Research AR-3
@Nasja...I'm very sorry for your loss. Losing your dad is a tough thing to deal with. Keep your chin up._Ben 
Polk Audio RT2000p or LSi 25's--- WHO CARES ???
Yikes! Entertaining thread... But for the wrong reasons. Don't like the site or the membership...Don't let the door hit you...